30 Juli 2010

Farewell Party! :-)

Red carpet! :p

well, it's time to enjoy the show! ;)

from left to right: best dress - best couple - prom King and Queen

After party! (that night showed where people can get drunk without alcohol haha)

WHOOPS! haha :$

and this is the heart where i belong.. ThirtyEight :-)

it is so hard to say goodbye, especially to those who we love :-(
keep in touch guys..
don't forget about me, school, and us :)


15 Maret 2010


i wonder how they can do that.. uhm interesting

09 Januari 2010


i love you.
i miss you.
i need you.
i like you.

today is my 15th annivesary with my boyfie
yap i love him
and i hope he loves me too..

with hug and kiss, Dhana.

06 Januari 2010

Goodbye 2009! Welcome 2010!

how's your new years eve?
hehe sorry for my late post before, but..
HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! i hope this year will be a great-year-ever!

umm about my new years eve, i stayed for 2days 1night at Sultan Hotel
with my lovely 38
but i'm not gonna talk much at here
i'm just want to share the photos hehe
enjoy it!

once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!